April 14th, 2018


I had the opportunity to be part of the solo exhibition Kooverville of the amazing artist and educator Lexy Ho-Tai!

It was an amazing experience, the exhibition didn’t feel like an actual exhibition, but more like a playground to have fun with. The interactions felt so organic… It felt soooo good to be there!

I got to perform my sense-motion workshop in a different environment and with different people that usually participate in the workshops. I had to improvise my exercises, which they seemed to enjoy.

When the workshop started I suggested participants to give themselves a self-massage with essential oils - Close their eyes and try to visualize their breathing from different parts of their bodies to another ones - Mirroring movement exercise, where one person had to come up with a dance move and a sound/noise that would come with it and we would make a song about it while dancing.

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*images captured by Johanna Castillo and Dorothy Cruz