April 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, 2018

Lang Arts Room - Series

The series of the practice at the Lang Arts Room allowed me for the first time to combine the sensory ethnographic explorations with the sense-motion (parentheses). I led the practice throughout every friday morning in April.

For each practice, I planned to focus the sensory explorations on one idea and further explore the insights in Friday mornings in the parentheses.

Throughout this four weeks I kept improving the journals and prompts for the practice based on participant’s feedback.

Friday 6th, I focused the practice to connect to our bodies through movement and drawing.

Friday 13th, was manipulating the senses through the movement of our bodies.

Friday 20th, was accessing our intuition through movement.

Friday 27th, was accessing emotions through movement. For this one, I changed the focus to perform a sensory exploration with the participants.