January 13-14, 2018

Mamey Librería Café

As a Dominican, I’m interested how the practice of sense-motion may become alive in our culture fostering new modes for acting and perceiving within.

Mamey Librería Café could be called more like a cultural center. It’s more than a book store and a café, it is a space where dominican art is significantly growing and moving forward. They also have a cinema, a gallery, and a restaurant.

Throughout a weekend, I had a series of four practices of sense-motion in Mamey. Participants responded significantly well to the practice. I was excited to do this in Spanish, since I developed the practice in English. Also, outside of an academic setting.

Some excerpts of our dialogue:

I think a way to leave the confines of the body itself, without actually leaving, or maybe not leaving but reach places in the body that we usually don't go to


Feeling the energy of my body, how we are not normally thinking about what is happening in your body, I was thinking like that I 'wao' I really have organs


I found interesting the part when we were three people dancing, because there is a person who is at one time and there is another person who is at another time, and they may be doing the same movement but everyone has their time. In other words, everyone has a different perception of what they feel, that seems interesting to me

For me to dance is the only time that we can disconnect, not thinking about anything, when we really let the body go. When there's no track of time, no cell phone, no work, it is only about letting go and try to move to whatever comes. And from time to time for human beings, it is very difficult to move for whatever comes

Letting go…

..and this practice does that... 

Documentation of the journals:

* Images captured by Lía Duarte, Germán Castellanos, and David Castillo / text by Ana López