the motion-band

The motion-band, is one of the forms of how the sense-motion practice achieve the discovery of spaces. The motion-band is derived from dance therapy props and aims to induce physical contact without actually touching each other; this idea concerns both individual and collective contact since the participants are not physically touching each other but are feeling their movements through the fabric of the band.

The interrelationship of fabric and the threads in the motion-band enact how collectivity and individuality are performed in social life. I am interested in how the practice of using the motion-band may enact a ‘collective imagination’ through the emplacement of the motion-band. This ‘collective imagination’ will be understood in the ways in which participants react to and perceive the space of the motion-band. For example, participants have described the space of the motion-band as a microcosm of social lives since there could be either chaos or calm based on other’s movements.

This is an excerpt from a dialogue among participants who just used the motion-band that identifies how they perceived the space within:

  • it felt like, this (the motion-band) was keeping the energy in one place of all of us…

  • yeah, that tactile sensation of you being on my skin

  • ...but not actually touching you directly


  • we were really with each other

  • yeah, if there were like a societal fabric, like a group fabric, like what really connects us, this was literally and figuratively speaking that fabric.

  • literally, and then there were like the threads and then the energy was like intentional

  • and you could go against that or going with

  • it was like a good flow but also like a good tension, and I loved the feeling…

“Handmade objects are not uniform," neither are our feelings, nor our evolving self.

* Images captured by Lía Duarte, Germán Castellanos, and Gloria Mejía / text by Ana López