December 5 & 8, 2017

The New School University Center' Exercise Room

This was the very first iteration of the sense-motion (parentheses), (Dec 2017). By that time I called the project emotion/in-motion (see more stage I). “emotion” was the part that analyzed and understood how participants were moving. This part involved the observational methods and the journals. “in-motion” was the part that put in-practice the insights gained from the analysis of “emotion.” I was specifically focusing to contact improvisation and dance therapy approaches to healing. 

These iterations allowed me to perceive the ways in which the leading practices should be approached. How participants responded to the prompts proposed to move and the use of the journals. 

It was the first time to put in-practice the use of the motion-band for more than 10 mins. For this first iteration of the motion-band, I collaborated with Prao Leeswadtrakul throughout 3 months to develop its final product. 

Some excerpts of our dialogue:

* I actually was like shitting this morning and I saw you guys dancing and it got me in a really good mood. Because it looked like you were actually like moving comfortably and not just like being stiff, and despite the fact there’s a mirror right here you were able to express.. And it was beautiful


** Yeah, that was really nice to center the dance with those breathings, and how can you move with that. That was a good way to focus on something as you dance and the cloth - you could feel safe and connected with the other people - it wasn’t too many options you could do with something. It was really nice.


I think there’s a certain freedom in the limitations, there’s a limitation of how you can move here. I really like the exercise of copying the other person, because there’s a limitation that you have to follow them but you express yourself within their movements, which I think it’s nice


** I was a bit frustrated in the beginning, I just like was it’s going now, I was really stressed but that changed really fast.

How so?

How it changed?

** I think because in the meditation I was like.. Buzzing, but then the second we started moving it was like.. It made sense, you know. But I think the meditation part was necessary for that to be relieved


*** I did feel a little limited with the cloth even though I did like how we were feeding by each other’s energy.

** There’s something nice about the inside and the outside of the cloth because I feel like it means something when you go inside, I don’t know what it means but it means something and so it’s a different feeling when you’re inside then when you’re outside.

How can you describe that feeling?

** Mm, that’s tough. I think when you’re outside you have more control, you are manipulating something together, but when you’re inside you are altogether, you’re each other - like moving each other, when you’re outside you don’t move each other.


Documentation of the journals:

* Images captured by Germán Castellanos / text by Ana López