What is sense-motion?

sense-motion is an inclusive and evolving platform which explores the relationship between the senses and motion. This platform is explored through three main tactics. The first tactic involves doing sensory ethnographic explorations to attend the ways in the senses interact with our surroundings. The second component is the sense-motion (parenthesis), a platform to put in-practice the insights gathered in the sensory explorations combined with the practices considered. The third and most integral element is how the sense-motion (parenthesis) lives with participants to enhance their quality of life. 

These three main tactics are an opportunity for participants to explore how the senses (either internally or externally) can be impacted through somatic dance, sensorial contact, and improvisational forms in order to foster new modes of acting and perceiving.

Who we are

  • Ana Maria Lopez - Founder, developer
  • Germán Castellanos - Photographer